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National Unity Day Georgia 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Day of National Unity is observed in Georgia on April 9.

This day commemorates the events of April 9, 1989, when anti-Soviet demonstration in Tbilisi was dispersed by the Soviet Army.

The anti-Soviet movement became active in 1988.

After several strikes and meetings the conflict between the Soviet government and Georgian nationalists deepened.

The protests reached peak on April 4, when tens of thousands of Georgians gathered in a peaceful demonstration and hunger strikes demanding restoration of Georgian independence.

The events of April 9 triggered the protest against the crackdown.

A 40-day mourning period was declared in Georgia, Tbilisi and the rest of the country went out on strike.

Nowadays April 9 is Day of National Unity in Georgia.

This day honors those people, who died for their fatherland.

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