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Independence Day Georgia 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Georgia observes Independence Day on May 26 every year.

The day celebrates the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918.

In the early 19th century Georgia became a part of an extensive Russian Empire.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 brought a chaotic aftermath and Georgia became an independent country and declared itself the Democratic Republic on May 26, 1918.

The Democratic Republic of Georgia formed a federative union with Armenia and Azerbaijan, but it didn't exist for long time.

In 1921 Georgia fell to an invading Soviet Army and the country became a part of the Soviet Socialist Republic.

Georgia gained its independence from Russia for the second time on April 9, 1991.

Both dates, May 26 and April 9, are important for the country, but Independence Day is observed annually on May 26, since it's considered that independence was restored on the basis of the 26 May 1918 declaration.

Since 1993 April 9 is observed as Day of National Unity.

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